SENstation is also available for private hire parties, where this be from the comfort of your own home or at a location you have hired out. We personalise packages to suit special interests and stims, ensuring that their special day is just right for them! We cater for all ages from early years through to adults and use the term "individuals" because we are aware that when you have met one SEN person, you really have just met one person! We take a person-centred approach to every individual we meet and try our best to cater for their personal interests and needs to produce those really important customised experiences and details.

We have a variety of equipment for you to choose from to fill your space. You can choose or if you need assistance, please provide us with what sort of stimulation the person using the equipment would seek and we will help you decide what may suit them best. 


. 2x Themed tuff tray activities options:

  - scented playdough

  - sensory spaghetti

  - sensory rice

- kinetic sand

- - £45 - -



. 3x3m Blackout SENDen

. 1x Themed Activity Tray

- - £100 - - 



. 3x6m SENDen
. 1x Themed Activity Tray

- - £150 - - 


*Prices are based on parties of up to 2 hours. If you are planning a party over this time please ask us about our discounted extended hire rates.