Communication Boards

With 5 different sections covering- feelings, things in the area, decisive actions, signing actions and travel, we have devised a successful multi-functional communication board. We have embedded an array of communication methods and educational strategies into our communication board design, which make them completely unique across the country! 

  • Lower case lettering and a font that mimics handwriting for easier recognition of letter shapes, words and boosting language and literacy skills. 
  • Colour coded boarders following nationally recognised colour semantics used in both mainstream and specialist provision schools and nurseries.
  • Signing system visuals to support sign language users and the general public to encourage mutual communication. We currently have a licence to use these symbols on our boards. 
  • Now & Next- SEND families and supporting professionals will be all too familiar with this communication strategy which supports understanding and transitions alongside our 'travel' visuals. 
  • I want... encourages individuals to make decisions, which is a key life skill, everybody has to learn to gain independence. 


Each board is customised for the users and area to be used in. We have dealt with enquiries across the country and continue to receive enquiries for parks, schools, town centres and local extracurricular clubs. Please fill out the form below to enquire about designing a communication board for your area.