1:1, Group Work & Workshops

1:1 Working

We offer private and direct payment services for individuals of all ages.. This is a service aimed to give both the individual and families rest and independence outside of the home but also can include mentoring within the home. We generally like to get to know the individuals we care for and try to fit activities around special interests and skills that they need help building. In children, this may be communication using PECS, road safety and socialisation or for young adults it may be learning to manage money when out in public, socialising with peers of a similar age and learning how to adapt into adulthood. 

Group Work & Workshops

We can offer a range of group activities and workshops to a variety of age groups. For example, sensory based play, arts and crafts and sensory science etc. We have even tried our hand at mini flower arrangements with elderly care home residents. Our aim is to get members of the group to socialise and immerse themselves into sensory focussed activities, meeting needs and building skills along the way.