Tactile Beanbags Set


Set of 8 sensory bags filled with peas, each bag is sewn from a different material and a variety of colours to enhance your sense of touch.

Sensory bags are squishy, soft and the perfect medium to explore safely. But they can also be a tool for kids to learn! Yes! learning can be done simple with sensory bag.

Our sensory toy is totally safe for your baby: non-toxic, strong stitching. Double texture, no messy paper, high contrast design, suitable size for baby hand, These soft toys also stimulate baby first year memory, is the ideal first sensory toy for babies just beginning to look and learn. Because babies put everything into their mouth, the quality of this toy is extremely important. The high quality baby toy also provide a soft touch for your baby, which can give a feeling of safety for your little one.

  • Builds tactile awareness, vocabulary, matching and communication skills
  • Engaging tactile squares in eight different textures
  • Develops descriptive vocabulary and matching skills
  • Perfect for small hands