Body Wheel- Small/Large/Set

Item number: 2268

The Gonge Body Wheel is an exciting physical activity designed to challenge children of all ages. Even small children can set the wheel in motion, providing an excellent exercise to prictise body agility, strength and balance. The Body Wheel allows children to roll while lying on their back or stomach, or even while standing. Adults can assist small children in practising how to tumble safely, with a soft landing, by slowly pushing the Body Wheel while the child is lying on their stomach. Multiple Body wheels can also be stacked to form a tower, with the large hole in the middle allowing children to play inside or crawl through. The Body Wheel has a soft synthetic rubber rim to protect children’s fingers and toes, and to prevent damage to the floor.

Manufactured from a combination of soft protective rubber and toughened plastic. Tested to relevant safety standards.

Overall dimensions (H x W x D):
Small Wheel: 460 x 460 x 300 mm
Large Wheel: 590 x 590 x 290 mm

Age range: 2+

Delivery Time 2-3 Weeks