Gonge Balanco

Item number: 2142

Balanco is suitable for play, sports training and goal-directed rehabilitation. The challenge is to use your balance skills to direct the 'ball' around the chosen course. Balanco stimulates psycho and sensomotor functions, such as coordination, mobility, reaction, concentration, and improved posture. Balanco is available in two levels - from easier to difficult. Each set contains 3 easily replaceable inserts with different challenges - this set includes Mouse, Figure of 8 and Maze games. Pait the Balanco with the supporting straps to provide greater stability for the user whilst also challenging their coordination skills combining arm and leg movments.

Maximum load 120 kg.

Manufactured from toughened plastic, strap is made from Polyester. Meets relevant safety standards.

Overall dimensions (H x W x D):
160 x 550 x 420 mm

Age range: 3+

Delivery Time 2-3 Weeks