Gonge Koala

Item number: 2097

A playful piece of children's play equipment with a wealth of possibilities. When children sit inside the Koala, they are able to rock or rotate like a carousel. If the Koala is turned upside down, it becomes a small den. Several Koalas can even be combined into a play tunnel. Playing with the Koala stimulates children's vestibular sense and develops their balance. The exterior has a circular moulding that prevents the Koala from rolling around and children falling out or jamming fingers. For extra safety the Koala comes with a set of 3 non slip feet.

Manufactured from toughened 8mm plastic. Meets relevant safety standards.

Overall dimensions (H x Diameter):
450 x 650 mm

Age range: 1 to 6

Delivery Time 2-3 Weeks