Tactile Discs

Item number: 2117

Gonge Tactile Discs present an inviting challenge to test children’s sense of touch on both hands and feet. At the same time, children develop the ability to describe sense impressions verbally. The tactile discs contain different tactile structures, each with its own colour.
Each of the tactile structures can be found on a large disc for positioning on the floor, as well as on a small disc that the child will be able to hold in their hands.
The discs offer innumerable playing possibilities ranging from a fundamental sensing of the tactile structures to blindfold games based on memory and recognition. The games can be adjusted, so that they fit the child’s age and level of functionality. Choose between a set of 20 or 10 discs.

Manufactured from nice to touch synthetic rubber. Tested to meet relevant safety standards.

Overall dimensions (Diameter):
Small disc: 110 mm
Large disc: 270 mm

Delivery Time 2-3 Weeks