Tinkering & Investigators Station

Item number: 27074

The perfect investigation station for providing children with real-life hands-on learning using real items. The tinkering and investigators station includes 6 chains for you to be able to attach tools or equipment safely. This is a brilliant safety feature and will require children to leave the equipment that they have used at that station and not wander off still holding an item.

The resources attached by the chains can easily be changed over by an adult to provide variety and differentiate activities as needed. It’s perfect for home or education settings where independence is encouraged and promotes the use of real objects.

Alternatively, the chains could be used to attach language flashcards or mud kitchen recipe books as an example, to really enhance invitations to play. The station is able to fit a Cosy tuff tray and has been creatively designed with storage underneath.

  • The perfect place for all your small-scale tinkering activities.

  • Designed to hold tools and accessories, this is an ideal solution for providing tinkering in your continuous provision.

  • Would work fantastically alongside a woodworking station or a mud kitchen.

  • Dimensions are: H 65 cm x Dia 104 cm. Self-assembly.

  • Fits Cosy tuff spot.

  • Treat for prolonged life.

  • Includes 6 chains for tools.

  • Tools and accessories are available separately

  • Tuff spot not included