A3 Light Panel + Deep Tray


A3 Light Panel + Deep Tray- Light Panel size: 46cm x 34cm x 0.8cm. Illuminated area: 41.9cm x 29.9cm. Weight 2.25Kg. Tray size: 56.5cm x 44cm x 10cm. Internal depth: 7.3cm

  • A new combination set containing our A3 Light Panel and A3 Exploration Light Tray.
  • Our LED light panels are an essential and versatile cross-curricular resource. With an anti-trip magnetic connector and 3 light level settings they provide a cool, clean, bright illuminated background and are ideal for the investigation of light, colour and shape, or for focused group work in a wide range of subjects.
  • Slimline and with rounded edges, the panels are tough, portable and easy to wipe clean. Simple operation with a lock function to prevent them from being turned off unintentionally.
  • The Exploration Light Tray is made from clear polycarbonate giving it incredible strength and longevity in the classroom.
  • Its rigidity means that when filled with water it can be lifted and moved around without it flexing.
  • Designed to fit securely over our A3 Light Panel, the tray provides a contained area for illuminating messy play activities such as pattern-making, drawing, painting, exploring food substances (tapioca, rice, semolina, lentils, jelly etc).
  • Also brilliant for use with inks, dyes and for marbling. The internal size of the tray has been designed to easily accommodate an A3 sheet of paper.