Colour Changing A2 Light Panel + Folding Table


Colour Changing A2 Light Panel + Folding Table- 66cm x 48.6cm x 1.7cm. Illuminated area 58.8cm x 41cm. Weight 4.4kg. Table size: 575 x 402 x 282mm.

  • Low-level table and A2 Colour Changing Light Panel which fits on top.
  • Table has fold out legs which lock into place with a hex key.
  • Folds flat for easy storage.
  • Children will be fascinated by these new light panels allowing them to discover a new world bathed in coloured light.
  • Colour changing light panels offer the opportunity to explore the effects of colour mixing, opacity and transparency and to observe natural and man-made objects in an interesting and different way.
  • Powered by a low voltage mains power supply they use the latest LED strips and diffusers to evenly illuminate the panels in any one of 20 colours.
  • Using an infrared remote control they can be set for individual colour or made to rotate through a sequence of colours slowly via ‘smooth, fade, flash or strobe’ settings.