Medium Body Roller


Discover the Medium Body Bumper Roller, a vital tool in sensory integration therapy designed to help children explore proprioception and manage tactile defensiveness. This versatile roller is carefully crafted to provide a controlled and stimulating environment for children, allowing them to experience deep pressure input in a comfortable and secure manner. As an essential component of sensory diets recommended by Occupational Therapists, the Medium Body Bumper Roller aids in proprioceptive stimulation and regulation.


  • The Medium Body Bumper Roller measures 120 cm in length, providing ample space for children to press themselves against and experience proprioceptive sensations. Its generous size ensures an effective and comfortable sensory therapy experience.


  • Crafted from sturdy wood, the Medium Body Bumper Roller is built to withstand the demands of sensory therapy and active play while ensuring safety. Its durable construction makes it a reliable tool for fostering proprioception in children.

Suitable Age:

  • This sensory integration therapy tool is suitable for children aged 3 and above. To ensure a safe and effective experience, adult supervision is recommended at all times.

Suitable Usage:

  • The Medium Body Bumper Roller serves as a valuable tool in sensory integration therapy, specifically addressing tactile defensiveness and sensory modulation disorders. It provides children with controlled deep pressure input, helping them manage sensory sensitivities and develop sensory regulation.


  • Treats Tactile Defensiveness: The Medium Body Bumper Roller is designed to treat tactile defensiveness by offering deep pressure input, helping children become more at ease with sensory experiences.
  • Modulated Pressure: This roller provides the option to adjust the pressure exerted by changing the child’s position and pressure on the roller, ensuring a personalized and effective sensory therapy experience.


  • Basic assembly is required upon delivery, with clear instructions provided for easy setup.

In summary, our Medium Body Bumper Roller is an essential sensory integration therapy tool that promotes proprioception, treats tactile defensiveness, and aids in sensory modulation. Crafted with durability and safety in mind, this roller is a valuable addition to any therapeutic environment. Order your Medium Body Bumper Roller today and provide children with the sensory experiences they need for improved sensory regulation and comfort.