Sensory Steel Swing Frame


Sensory Steel Swing Frame:

Among the many special needs accessories and products on the website, one of them is Sensory Steel Swing Frame that comes under the category of Frames and Climbing Walls for Sensory Integration Therapy. The frame is made up of a strong and durable steel and high strength aluminium frame that can withstand heavy loads of up to 150kgs.

This frame is great for children suffering from sensory processing disorder or vestibular issues.

It helps them to attain the maximum benefit of the treatment. Its structure is designed in such a way that the sides and base are protected with a special sponge covered with leather. This ensures comfort and safety while playing.

ADHD Sensory Integration Therapy

Height: 245cm
Length: 300cm
Feet: 200cm

Swing Attachments: For suspension steel frame people can refer to the following matching swings: Sensory Therapy Suspended Pear Beanbag Swing, Helicopter Swing, Double Trapeze Swing, Therapeutic swing, and T-shaped Swing.